CoolDex™ Whitepaper


Hi, we are CoolDex and we want you to thrive! CoolDex has built a world-class Hybrid DEX, powering the future of Digital Finance.

In our view, there are fundamentally two different types of Crypto related exchanges: the centralized ones that hold your funds and just focus on crypto 2 crypto types of trading; and the ones that let you be in control of your funds, offer a decentralized P2P trading model, not only trade crypto but create a whole ECO-system around the exchange which makes it easy and simple to use. This last type of exchange is what CoolDex will offer. Even though we are a small own funded Digital Exchange, we strongly believe that with our exchange which will grow bigger, stronger and be more used than any other exchange in the near future. We will play an ever more important role in world finance, tokenizing financial assets and offer multiple pairs of fiat, crypto and digital assets.

CoolDex solving problems

Many of the current crypto exchanges suffer from a number of problems:

● Technical architecture

Many exchanges are put together quickly in a modular model, by good tech people, but who have little or no experience in finance or in operating an exchange. They often choose the simplest approach to get the system up and running. While this may work well in the beginning, as traffic grows, the system will not able to handle the increased load. Exchanges need to be engineered from the ground up with security, efficiency, speed, and scalability in mind. This often slows down the initial development, but is critical for long-term success.

Our team has decades of combined experience building and maintaining a world class financial system that shape the economy.

● ​Security

There are hundreds of centralised exchanges that went down due to being hacked. That is why a hybrid DEX has the future. We offer the user to control their own funds and trade directly P2P with other users. KYC/AML is required in our ECO-system. We operate under an European, Estonian license.

CoolDex is built to high standards, audited and penetration tested. We have experience building financial systems to the highest security standards and strive to ensure security first. Our system uses the best security tools available on the market.

● ​Market liquidity

Professional traders and normal users are significantly affected by this. Having a low volume orderbook means less users interested to use an exchange, which makes it not attractive for traders. Attracting new users, institutional investors and large traders for new exchanges is essential and always seems a difficult task. Luckily the founders of CoolDex have extremely strong experience in online marketing.

CoolDex’s team has many years of experience in the Crypto industry. The team has worked on and operated a number of exchanges, and have accumulated a large network of partners in this space. These partners will contribute to the overall success of CoolDex.

● ​ Poor customer service

Traders are a different type when it comes to users. Understanding the trader mentality is vital for running a successful exchange. Money is literally on-the-line. Many exchanges service traders as if they were running a social media site. A 3-second delay in seeing your friends’ status update would hardly be noticed, but on an exchange, the same would be unacceptable, resulting in a mountain of user complaints. In additional to the technology stack, CoolDex is built with service in mind. CoolDex shares support responsibilities across the entire staff and company. When a trader has a problem, they get an answer directly from someone who knows the system and not someone reading from a script. 24 hours, 7 days per week in Portuguese, English and Dutch. In a later stage we will add more native speaking support employees for other languages.

The CoolDex Exchange

Our trading engine is capable of processing million orders per second, making CoolDex one of the fastest exchanges in the market today. You can be certain, on our exchange, that your orders will never be stuck due to the matching engine being overwhelmed.

Launch rollout

We will roll out the platform in roughly the following order:

● Decentralized P2P Spot trading​

● ​Margin trading

● Social trading

● ​Security Token trading

● ​Buy and Sell Crypto via SEPA, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Future rollout

● Digital ETF’s/Funds

● Tokenized Stocks, like for Facebook, Google and Apple.

● Fund - Passive Income

● Crypto FX Trading

● OTC Online Trading Desk

● CoolDex Debit Card to be used together with our Android/iOS APP

● And many more...


CoolDex will support the following base coins/tokens:





More coins/tokens will be added over time. We generally will only add coins/tokens that have strong credibility, innovative tech, and/or liquidity.

We have plans to support fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and BRL.

Device Coverage

We will provide cross-platform trading clients for:

● Web-based trading client / Responsive on mobile-tablet

● Android APP



Multilingual Support

We will support English, Portuguese and Dutch on all of our user interfaces. More languages will be added over time.

Revenue Model

CoolDex’s revenue will come from the following sources:

Source Description
Exchange fee CoolDex will charge a 0.15% taker and 0.15% maker fee.
Withdrawal fee For each token/coin we charge a small amount, this is not fixed.
Listing fee Depending on the project we charge a listin fee.
Margin fee When traded margin, a small fee will be charged on the amount borrowed.
Buy/Sell fee For buying and selling crypto we charge a fee. The fee depends on if a debit, credit card is used and if a deposit has to be made via SEPA or SWIFT.
Fund fee Each month the users who have deposited funds in our ‘’ non - loss ‘’ FUND will be charged a certain %.
Purchase CLDX token The user will be able to purchase the CoolDex token which will offer mainy benefits to the user.

CoolDex Token (CLDX)

We will issue our token coin, called the CoolDex Token. An initial limit of 500MM CLDX tokens will be created. CLDX will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC223.

Allocation CoolDex Tokens

% CLDX Amount Who
60% 300MM Users
20% 100MM Founders - Team
20% 100MM 3rd Party Future Investors

CLDX Value

You can use CLDX tokens to pay for:

● Exchange fees

● Withdraw fees

● Listing fees

● Any future fees at the CoolDex ECO-System

You will receive monthly HODLing CLDX tokens:

● Dividend paid proportionately on your CLDX holdings; 10% of the exchanges net profit. Each payment will be made automatically each first week of the month.

You will be able to trade for free the first year, using the CLDX token as a base currency. Eventually from the 4th year on-ward we will be able offer you 50% discount on trading.

% 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year
Discount 100% 75% 50% 50% 50%


Michiel Triebert - Founder

Michiel Triebert s a dynamic entrepreneur of Dutch-Indonesian origin with an enthusiasm for online marketing and a fascination for blockchain. Following a successful career in sales, Michiel made the decision to carve his own path and in 2012, he founded Gado Gado Mobile. The consultancy for affiliate, performance and social media marketing helped Michiel perfect the art of affiliate marketing, lead generation and conversion science. He soon shared this knowledge and his expertise by becoming an Angel Investor. Michiel has helped tech start-ups across several continents reach their potential and is constantly on the lookout for promising ventures. His latest find is Brazil-based company Mundo Suplementos, a local producer of quality nutritional products that aims to make the world a fitter place.

The last three years have witnessed Michiel’s minds set on the buzzwords of the decade: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In partnership with serial entrepreneur Ben Theobald, Michiel founded Blockchain Global-Advisors, a consultancy that has gained fame successfully advising and commercializing Blockchain Start-ups throughout the world. Blockchain Global-Advisors is praised for their unorthodox, innovative marketing methods and their hands-on approach.

The dream to built their own Cryptocurrency Exchange started in the beginning of 2018. CoolDex was born. During 2018 the market moved away from utility tokens and the idea for a Security Token Exchange was succeeded and executed.

Having been in online marketing from the time Google profited from your clicks, Michiel has mastered the tricks of the trade and knows which landing page will be the better performer. His multicultural roots and adaptability make Michiel a great team player and above all, a great all-around person to talk to.

LinkedIn Michiel

Ben Theobald - Founder

British-Dutch serial entrepreneur​ Ben Theobald​ started his first company in 2003 at the early age of 23. He has since set up companies spanning several continents, including Europe, Asia and Latin America. One of the pinnacle points of Ben's career to date was the sale of his company to iGo Inc. (NASDQ), listed in 2010. Ben has spent the last five years enjoying life in Brazil, where he specialises in online marketing. Ben’s most recent venture is Mundo Suplementos, a large producer of Nutra products in Latin America. The company, where Ben is both a co-founder and investor, sells the product online in large quantities, through Ben’s expansive network of international marketing contacts.

Ben has focused on the technology behind Cryptocurrencies; Blockchain for the last two years which led to the creation of ICO Global – Advisors, a company Ben co-founded with Michiel Triebert. ICO Global-Advisors successfully advise and commercialize various ICO’s worldwide, marketing ICO’s in unique and unprecedented ways.

The dream to built their own Cryptocurrency Exchange started in the beginning of 2018. CoolDex was born. During 2018 the market moved away from utility tokens and the idea for a Security Token Exchange was succeeded and executed.

The pair were already in the online marketing business when Facebook Ads were born, allowing them to gain extensive knowledge on the subject. With their vast knowledge of online marketing, big data, performance marketing and blockchain technology, they are ready to conquer the market with CoolDex!

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Erick Lopes - CTO

Strong Security and IT infrastructure skills make Erick one of the core assets of the CoolDex Gloal Team. He offers extreme knowledge as a Full Stack Developer and IT Security specialist. Erick is also fluent in English and has been working since the beginning of developing the CoolDex ECO System.

Paula Luisa - UI/UX Designer

Paula has a bachelor degree in Computer Science. Because of her passion for Cartoons she has also mastered herself Graphic Design. Focused on UI and UX. She is fluent in English and is part of making the exchange ‘’ Cool ‘’.

Iury Montenegro - Front/Back End Developer

Iury has admired computing since he was a child. He began to work with infrastructure and networking in 2007.

It was 2011when he worked with system management and developed, launched an ERP/CRM system for a local Retailer. In 2014, he started to focus himself more in programming and learning new programming languages. He graduated in Computer Science in 2016 at UnB. After his graduation he also teached himself to work with web application development. He participated in a university research project that was focussed on IoT devices that had to communicate between each other. He worked at a research institute during 2018, where he participated in projects in several areas such as Hospital Management Systems, Compliance Implementation and Accessibility System Management.

His last project Vendifier, was the development of one stop shop e-commerce tool for online entrepreneurs that could simplify the diverse integrations that are made to maintain an e-commerce in a single administrative page. With this project he has gained experience in working with setting up micro services with multiple Global Payment Gateways, Developing scalable Security Systems, Multi platform Marketing Services and Monitoring the overall code and Server performance.


Leandro Trindade - Cyber Security

Leandro has a bachelor in Computer Science by UnB and speaks/writes fluent english. He is an experienced multi-language programmer. With focus on security oriented development, good practices and agile methodologies. Having advanced knowledge of C, C++, Python, PHP, iOS, Java, Javascript, SQL, C#, .NET, VBA, Assembler, Linux, and Cyber-security with a strong focus on Crypto Currencies.

Nicolas Meinen - Back End Developer / Coding Specialist

Nicolas Meinen is a hard core developer from Brazil whose passion for Programming Language theory & compilers has been guiding the development on the area for a while. After working with several projects, he and some friends decided to come up with a company that provided IoT services for the industry, such as energy monitoring and access control. The experience of having a company that provided trending products helped him build an ever growing passion for new technology.

Coming from that great passion, he recently came in touch with the blockchain world - in which he found that everything looks brand new and yet there’s a lot of space to be covered. And that’s where a new passion started: doing research on a new and ever-growing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related tech, trying to find where each programming language could fit, where new ones should be born and why.

Having solid experience with mainstream languages such as Go, Javascript and C# also led him to start helping with the code challenges in the exchange itself, trying to help with all the challenges that appeared as time went by.

His latest goals are to end up proposing how, where and why new techs should be applied to the Blockchain world, always focusing on maintainability, readability, development speed and, last but not least, correctness.


There are many risks involved in running an exchange. We understand this and have the skills, experience, and leadership to overcome them. We are licensed to operate as a Crypto Currency Exchange under Estonian Law. CoolDex Global OU has been granted a specific license from the FIU in Estonia.

Security is King

Many crypto exchanges have failed due to poor security procedures. Most security breaches could have been prevented by taking simple precautions to protect critical resources. Our team has developed CoolDex with security as the foremost concern in their minds.

We strive to ensure that we have followed all the industry best practices when it comes to securing infrastructure and data including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

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